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Help to not be homeless!



Hey guys! I set up a gofundme to help me come up with the difference so I can afford to buy this house. Please donate if you can, and share if you can’t!

For those who don’t know, I’ve been homeless since Christmas eve of 2013 since I refused to renew a lease on an apartment because I wanted to be closer to work. My landlord at the time then stole my deposit money, repeatedly ran credit checks to mess up my credit, and lied to everyone related to other places I’ve tried to rent from. This has left me sleeping in my car, or couch surfing with friends, all of whom live an hour plus from where I work. The house I’m trying to get is in the same town I work in, which would alleviate the stress of driving over 200 miles each day for work, so I wouldn’t be driving 2 hours a day for work on top of 12-16 hour shifts.

Any amount will help, and please help spread this around!

Really sorry if its annoying to see this so often, but I need the help to be able to get a house, and the house that best fits what I need is on the market and could be sold at any time. Please reblog this even if you can’t donate!

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Jessica Alba - Regan Cameron Photoshoot for SELF Magazine - August 2014


If her bootyhole game strong, she’s a keeper.


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